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Golden Retriever
Antal tilmeldte hunde i officielle klasser: 334
Antal bedømte hunde i racen: 336
Dommer: Elina Tan-Hietalahti, Finland
Claudio De Giuliani, Italien: Golden Retriever, Hvalpe, Junior & Veteran
Marianne Holm-Hansen, Danmark: Golden Retriever, Tæver
Bedst i racen - BIR
ASHBURY CONAN DOYLE Katalognr.: 04054
Opdrætter: Sonntag Cathy FRANKRIG


Junior klasse
Plac.   Katalognr.   Ejer
1 Excellent 03575 Pinkerly Valmont
2 Excellent 03552 Dream In The Drawer
3 Excellent 03544 Dewmist Glitterato
4 Excellent 03560 Race The Sun De Ria Vela
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    Katalognr.   Ejer
  Excellent 03532 Dewmist Sorrento
  Excellent 03535 Golden Ciba Simos-Bijou's Nalle
  Excellent 03538 Cheer's Evergate Garden
  Excellent 03539 Ritzilyn Hooray Henry
  Excellent 03540 Festival's Royal Kowalski
  Excellent 03546 Clearing Pond's Flying High
  Excellent 03551 Impossible of Golden Orf
  Excellent 03554 Skylock It's Going Down Tonight
  Excellent 03556 Golddream Tobias Ladies Friend
  Excellent 03557 Ritzilyn Top Brass
  Excellent 03558 Touch of Magic A Classic Kiss
  Excellent 03561 Nju Sanni Groso Ilarito
  Excellent 03563 Majik Truth Or Dare
  Excellent 03567 Dooly Dog's Moonlight And Valentino
  Excellent 03568 Kephles Number One
  Excellent 03571 Victoria´s Secret El Cazador Autent
  Excellent 03572 Shamrock Legend of The Dance
  Excellent 03574 Thevenet Pireneus Ural Connection
  Excellent 03577 Golden Sunshine Gorca's Charlie
  Excellent 03578 Leongolden Wind
  Very good 03547 Made My Way Tailor Made
  Very good 03549 Emperor And Commodor Duclangaladorb
  Very good 03553 Neoviper
  Very good 03555 Absolutely Fabulous
  Very good 03559 Break of Dawn Alive And Kicking
  Very good 03562 Sunny Delight´s Never Ending Story
  Very good 03569 Siimline´s Apple of My Eye
  03533 April Design Moonwalk
  03534 Ritzilyn Hi Jack
  03536 Amirene Love To Limerick
  03537 Chamorels Leisure Suit Larry
  03541 Karvin Supertramp
  03542 Enzo du Bois de la Rayere
  03543 Dewmist Stavarache
  03545 Gold Hunter's Quick Silver
  03548 Sequins Solidus
  03564 Moondust Tornado
  03565 Poetry´s Soleado
  03570 Snowjar's Chamonix
  03573 Pura Pasion De Ria Vela
  03576 Last Samurai De Ria Vel
Plac.   Katalognr.   Ejer
1 Excellent 04028 Pinkerly Walpole
2 Excellent 04023 Telkaro Emlyn
3 Excellent 04019 Hot-News Field's Fashion
4 Excellent 04029 Greenhill´s Cooper
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    Katalognr.   Ejer
  Excellent 04022 Harvest Moon
  Excellent 04031 Raynox Heartbreaker
  Excellent 04035 Leon di Dan Nicolo's End
  Very good 04015 Mon Solei Galileo
  Very good 04017 Basic Blend V.D. Beerse Hoeve
  Very good 04018 Golden Countryside's Border Song
  Very good 04025 Baltic Goldenstar Angel of Harmony
  Very good 04026 Rossmix Calvados
  Very good 04027 Honey Eve's Elvis
  Very good 04030 Aishabie Lion of Judah
  Good 04032 Soul Charisma Go Get It
  04016 Kowalski Leopoldo
  04020 Waterloo's Best Quality
  04021 Hosch of Golden Orf
  04024 Goldenfocus Bobby Valentino
  04033 Gembaek's Music Maker At Whoopis
  04034 Venetian Spirit Merry Christmas Bab
Plac.   Katalognr.   Ejer
1 Excellent 04054 Ashbury Conan Doyle
2 Excellent 04036 Jako's Nordic Charm
3 Excellent 04057 Sheamus of The Morning Valley
4 Excellent 04052 Abinvale Traguardo
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    Katalognr.   Ejer
  Excellent 04041 Rintilla's Pinoccio
  Excellent 04046 Break of Dawn Could This Be Love
  Excellent 04049 Inassicas Wings of Love
  Excellent 04050 Mad About You De Ria Vela
  Excellent 04062 Endicott Caballero
  Excellent 04071 Victoria´s Secret Valiancy In Me
  Very good 04039 Glitters Hocuspocus
  Very good 04040 Dewmist Rainbow Warrior
  Very good 04042 Golden Rose-Bay's Ginrummy
  Very good 04043 Giddygold Inside My Heart
  Very good 04044 Dewmist Stream of Satin
  Very good 04053 Bonett Bride Double Decker
  Very good 04061 Dewmist What About Spice
  Very good 04064 Kyon`s Thyler Golden Angels of Ober
  Very good 04066 Dewmist Sandalwood
  Very good 04069 Ritzilyn Rhythm 'n Blues
  Good 04056 Ashbury Deep Impact
  Good 04058 Sequins Slynn
  Good 04065 Lille Lu-Lu's Snømann
  Good 04068 Giddygold Union Jack
  Sufficient 04059 Break of Dawn Flash Gordon
  04037 Ramchaine Snap To Jako's
  04038 Non-Stop Jojo Mayer
  04045 Milligold's Indiana Jones
  04047 Golden Edition´s Cafe Benedictin
  04048 Officer's Son of Broom
  04051 Chribas Crew Cut
  04055 Double Willow Dragon Fly
  04060 Dewmist Rainbow Quest
  04063 Gill's Da Capo
  04067 Gatchells Prodigal Son
  04070 Tavasar Wheat Beer
Plac.   Katalognr.   Ejer
1 Excellent 04079 Wigglin' Jigglin' Cupcakes
2 Excellent 04083 Marybel Fashionguy
3 Excellent 04081 Nice Brad Happy Company
4 Excellent 04073 Rinaldo Ninio del Sol
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    Katalognr.   Ejer
  Excellent 04076 Pinkerly Quien Sabe
  Very good 04077 Furyo Noroy du Plessy
  Good 04074 Golden Ciba Hu-Sal Simba
  Good 04080 Christopher du Bois de la Rayere
  Sufficient 04078 Peter-Bear Piter Burg Kristal
  Cannot be judged 04075 Dewmist Sky Dancer
  04072 Riera Antonio Le Roy
  04082 Ashbury Venetian Spirit
  04084 Terra Antyda Sani Unreal Hope
Plac.   Katalognr.   Ejer
1 Excellent 04006 Crossover De Ria Vela
2 Excellent 04007 Ashbury Angel Heart
3 Excellent 04010 Ambergold Dzhi Key Keep Cool
4 Excellent 04001 Ralun Versace
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    Katalognr.   Ejer
  Excellent 03988 Dewmist Side By Side
  Excellent 03989 Dewmist Silkventure
  Excellent 03991 Mitcharron Love Bug of Francosvaley
  Excellent 03992 Sea Pimpernel Iceman
  Excellent 03994 Inassicas Broom
  Excellent 03999 Strong Steal Romario Premier Hit
  Excellent 04004 Temptation To Kukkola av Vervik
  Excellent 04005 Absolutly Bryan Golden Angels of Ob
  Excellent 04008 Jako's Union For Dream Max
  Excellent 04011 Ikarus vom Haag
  Very good 03987 Fiddle-De-Dee's Morris Traveller
  Very good 03990 Waterlove-Dazzle V.'t Keijsershof
  Very good 03995 Gildas Baryshnikov
  Very good 03996 Fab Four's Classic Edition
  Very good 03997 Ritzilyn Rick O'shay
  Very good 03998 Lucky Man De Ria Vela
  Very good 04000 Kavillfa`s The Chocolate Soldier
  Very good 04002 Sequins Suvan
  Very good 04003 Xanthos Conquistador
  Very good 04009 Shiny Coat Louis Vuiton Cup
  Very good 04012 Barnum of The Hellacious Acres
  Very good 04013 Victor Über Den Wolken
  Very good 04014 Pinkerly Never Say Never
  Good 03993 Artic Light du Pays De Boheme
Plac.   Katalognr.   Ejer
1 Excellent 03582 Royal Salute du Pays De Boheme
2 Excellent 03579 Fourwind Cottage Union Jack
3 Excellent 03581 Toto of Graceful Delight
4 Excellent 03580 Sanguininsch Blaze A Trail


Plac.   Katalognr.   Ejer
1 Excellent 03601 Dewmist Glitterinda
2 Excellent 03640 Riera Nikol' Grande
3 Excellent 03566 Sequins Sceptre
4 Excellent 03631 Giddygold Miss World
  Øvrige resultater  
    Katalognr.   Ejer
  Excellent 03584 Baby Muffin Rusty Love
  Excellent 03588 Heart And Soul V.'t Keijsershof
  Excellent 03589 Fenwood Libertine Glitters
  Excellent 03590 Sequins Sesterce
  Excellent 03591 Dewmist Sabatina
  Excellent 03592 Kildespring Twilight Zone
  Excellent 03593 Skylock Almost In Love
  Excellent 03602 Sunny Delight's Tiptoe In The Tulip
  Excellent 03603 Goldstep Zsa Zsa Gabor
  Excellent 03604 Touch of Magic A Kiss For You
  Excellent 03605 Inassicas Saragossa
  Excellent 03607 Caankiss Nobody Beats The Sweet
  Excellent 03608 Golberry Mercedes
  Excellent 03615 Twinkle Of Joy Felicity
  Excellent 03616 Touch of Magic Amazing Kiss
  Excellent 03617 Giddygold Last Beauty For Eternity
  Excellent 03618 Nice Temptation Dangerously Adorabl
  Excellent 03619 Incredible of Golden Orf
  Excellent 03621 Skylock I Don't Wanna Hurt No More
  Excellent 03622 Lady Apple of The Morning Valley
  Excellent 03625 More Than A Feeling of Duke's Place
  Excellent 03626 Poetry´s Soleil
  Excellent 03628 Gladtail Unwritten Story
  Excellent 03632 April Design Billie Jean
  Excellent 03633 Snowjar's Hip'n Trendy
  Excellent 03634 Victora´s Secret Estrella de la Fel
  Excellent 03636 Shamrock Dancing Diamond
  Excellent 03637 Shamrock Golden Dancer
  Excellent 03641 Snowjar's Chelles
  Very good 03550 English Pearl River Duclancaladorbe
  Very good 03583 West Chamber Talis Tally
  Very good 03597 Gold Hunter's Queen of Hearts
  Very good 03609 Zampanzar Baby Banana
  Very good 03611 April Design Dirty Diana
  Very good 03620 Gembæk's The Show Must Go On
  Very good 03627 Jako's As Time Goes On For Scully
  Very good 03629 Dooly Dog's Golden Dreams
  Very good 03630 Autumn-Gold Queen Bee
  Very good 03638 Amberfield Shakira
  Very good 03639 American Beauty De Ria Vela
  03585 Zenanas Paris Moonlight
  03586 Aishabie True Jolly
  03587 Vestafjell's Frøken Maja
  03594 Sequins Sovereign
  03595 Florke Beach Flora
  03596 Afrodite Flores Vitae
  03598 Golden Sunlight's Noisy Cracker
  03599 Chamorels Dream Hack
  03600 Chamorels Counter Strike Fnatic
  03606 Heatwave Walk On Top
  03610 Dewmist Glittertind
  03612 Chribas Catwalker
  03613 Twinkle Of Joy Fascination
  03614 The Golden Challenge Comings Dream
  03623 Angelusparks Enya's Caitlyn
  03624 Alikanta Iz Doliny Solnca
  03635 Inassicas Salsa
  03642 Venetian Spirit Whisper Secret
Plac.   Katalognr.   Ejer
1 Excellent 03911 Velvenya Vogue of Ramchaine
2 Excellent 03896 Inassicas Schasmin
3 Excellent 03891 Ashbury Dreams And Wishes
4 Excellent 03901 Dewmist Rainfall
  Øvrige resultater  
    Katalognr.   Ejer
  Excellent 03892 Fab Four's Future
  Excellent 03905 Little Violet's Oh Happy Day
  Excellent 03906 Siimline's X-Pert To Greenhill's
  Excellent 03907 Dutch Consolidation Cup of Tea
  Excellent 03908 Cremecastle Fridhems Ambra
  Excellent 03910 Ashbury Deep Temptation
  Excellent 03912 Floprym Humble Be Honey
  Excellent 03915 Pinkerly Wuvulu
  Very good 03890 Golden Lady-Lodge Autumn Sunrise
  Very good 03894 Golddream Sweet Sacha
  Very good 03895 Gembæk's For Your Eyes Only
  Very good 03898 Mon Solei Galaktika
  Very good 03899 Goldenlines Tennessee Waltz
  Very good 03900 Grain of Gold's Glowing Copper
  Very good 03903 Hotline No Hills
  Good 03888 Slav Trophy Music of The Night Illo
  Good 03889 Golden Niro's Amazing Grace
  Good 03893 Faithful Heart Fine Frenzy
  Good 03904 Gembæk's Diamonds Are Forever
  Good 03916 Golden Sunshine De Jazz
  Disqualified 03902 Dream Max Think Twice
  03897 Goldenfocus Briar Rose
  03909 Cathy von der Suedermarsch
  03913 Bellisima of The Famous Family
  03914 Whoopi's Inside And Out
Plac.   Katalognr.   Ejer
1 Excellent 03958 Fingerprint's Isola Tiberina
2 Excellent 03941 Dewmist Shangrila
3 Excellent 03931 Silversign Style'n Class
4 Excellent 03932 Sunny Delight's Head Over Heals
  Øvrige resultater  
    Katalognr.   Ejer
  Excellent 03917 Se U(u)ch Pebishar's Feel My Love
  Excellent 03918 Kapplandet's Shan Nu Qi
  Excellent 03920 Ashbury Back With Love To Jako's
  Excellent 03926 Laburnum's Tapestry
  Excellent 03927 Jabbering Joy Aya
  Excellent 03933 Inassicas Desdemona
  Excellent 03937 Festival´s Baby Boom
  Excellent 03943 Fiesta No Hills
  Excellent 03947 Golddream Kastanie Autumn's Romance
  Excellent 03951 Dutch Consolidation Who's Next
  Excellent 03955 Heartwarming Beaquoy of Graceful De
  Excellent 03964 Pinkerly Shangai Surprise
  Excellent 90067 Infinity Jambo-Ree Hamamelis Pallid
  Very good 03921 Kildespring Goldie Hawn
  Very good 03924 Eastbury Cha Cha Baby
  Very good 03928 Poetry´s Anabelle
  Very good 03940 Oxundas Glimmering Gwendolyn
  Very good 03944 Skylock The Living Daylights
  Very good 03945 Aurelie von der Lübbelau
  Very good 03948 Sequins Speedwell
  Very good 03950 Golden Djima Talking The Case
  Very good 03954 Sandy Oliv Ippolita
  Very good 03962 Herma Ness Fearless Flann
  Very good 03966 Deci Della From Golden Millennium
  Very good 90068 Infinity Jambo-Ree Elprado
  Good 03930 Golden Sunlight´s Kitty Hawk
  Good 03942 Stand-On-It De Ria Vela
  Good 03956 Raynox Days of Emotion
  Sufficient 03936 Golden Countryside's Heart Crystal
  03919 Jollygold Tequila Sunrise
  03922 Dewmist Kimberley
  03923 Cheek To Cheek Chateau-D'yquem
  03925 Woodlane Ni Oui Ninon
  03929 Break of Dawn Unchain My Heart
  03934 Hillheim's Christmas Fairytale
  03935 Golddream Fancy Fanny
  03938 Xanthos Dynah Might
  03939 Gembæk's French Love Affaire
  03946 Double Willow Rossina Dell'aveto
  03949 Endicott Candle Snow
  03952 Sheer Magic of The Morning Valley
  03953 Inassicas Savage Rose
  03957 Harmony Is Friendly
  03959 Dewmist Star of The Blue Hope
  03960 Chaveni's Sierra Fantasy
  03961 Vesterlands Quiet Please
  03963 Star Sofie Jewel of Laura
  03965 Milbu Mariska
  03967 Eyop's Going For Us
  03968 Arki Marathi Goldenworld
Plac.   Katalognr.   Ejer
1 Excellent 03976 I Feel Pretty av Vervik
2 Excellent 03974 Dolce Vita du Bois de la Rayere
3 Excellent 03979 Tweednous Gambol
4 Excellent 03981 Ambergold Dzhi Key Remain As It Is
  Øvrige resultater  
    Katalognr.   Ejer
  Excellent 03972 Sweet Melody av Vervik
  Excellent 03977 Jako's Never Ending Story
  Excellent 03980 Dream Max Celine Dion
  Excellent 03983 Stanroph Dream Boat
  Excellent 03984 Kovesh April
  Very good 03969 Golden Dixie's Poker Alice
  Very good 03973 Caankiss Sweet Heart
  Very good 03975 Better Sweet Symphony du Clan Galad
  Very good 03978 Schlottes Galadriel
  Very good 03982 Greenhill's Vogue
  Very good 03985 Pinkerly Que Si Que Non
  Very good 03986 Marybel Almagitana
  Good 03970 Dewmist Sky of Silk
  03971 Athylla Z Liblickych Rakosin
Plac.   Katalognr.   Ejer
1 Excellent 03870 Zenanas Polyxena
2 Excellent 03871 Dream Max Amy Diamond
3 Excellent 03879 Dewmist Silky Rainbow
4 Excellent 03885 Remington Requisite of Ramchaine
  Øvrige resultater  
    Katalognr.   Ejer
  Excellent 03873 Poetry´s Springtime Queen
  Excellent 03874 Sunny Delight's Dearest Tiptoer
  Excellent 03877 Ch.Dolce Candy De Ria Vela
  Excellent 03878 Nativegold Diamond Forever
  Excellent 03882 Gladtail Power of Love
  Excellent 03884 Ambergold Dzhi Key Kiss By Kiss
  Excellent 03886 Shamrock Duchess of Shangri-La
  Very good 03875 Officer's Lady Poetry
  Very good 03881 Dewmist Lady Sings The Blues
  Very good 03887 Pinkerly Pride And Prejudice
  Cannot be judged 03876 Dewmist Sunsprite
  03872 Sexy Lover Golden of Francos Valley
  03880 Dewmist Singing In The Rain
  03883 Ashbury Be My Baby
Plac.   Katalognr.   Ejer
1 Excellent 03645 Double Willow Sunnymidday
2 Excellent 03646 Eplepai av Vervik
3 Excellent 03647 Mosonvölgyi Viki
4 Excellent 03643 Faithful Heart Alanis Morisette
  Øvrige resultater  
    Katalognr.   Ejer
  Excellent 03644 Dewmist Silverinda
  Very good 03648 Windwood's Marylou
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